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Discovery Computer Systems, Inc.
Training and Consulting for MultiValue, Pick, and Unix Systems



Training and Consulting can be provided at your location and customized to your needs




Marcie at work

Discovery Computer Systems provides onsite training and consulting for users of the MultiValue Database, including PICK, D3, UniData, UniVerse, jBASE, UNIX and AIX Systems. Discovery is a leading provider of quality instruction for the PICK and UNIX communities headed by noted industry educator Marcie Miller (formerly Marcie Gebauer). Discovery represents the highest standard of excellence in PICK and UNIX education and offers instruction for the beginner to the experienced computer professional. Classes are designed with an optimum mix of lecture and hands-on exercises. Here are some comments from recent Discovery alumni:

This course was the most well prepared and organized course I have ever taken part in. We received valuable information on the concepts of programming and on the tools we can use to build the most efficient applications possible. Marcie presented it in a very efficient and entertaining way. This week was brilliant!! - Laszlo Koves, Cook Medical, Limerick, Ireland

Marcie is a remarkable lady. In-depth knowledge, polished teaching skills, personality, she's got it all! There can't be a faster, more enjoyable way to learn Pick. - Robert Haynes, Salem, VA

Marcie is an exceptionally polished instructor and dealt with any issues with aplomb. Combined with her expertise and experience, this was a superbly delivered course. Brilliant! - Brian O'Donnell, Cook Ireland, Limerick, Ireland

I have learned so many new commands and functions in one week. It is worth it to travel from another country which is 10,000 miles away to attend the course!! - Sengthong Ounkham, Cook Australia, Brisbane, Australia

The instructor's in-depth knowledge of multiple hardware platforms and a variety of software applications, including my own, meant that no question went unanswered. Her teaching style is the best I've encountered of any of the courses I've taken in the computer programming field! - June E. Gorg, Montgomery County, PA

After taking a course taught by Marcie, I have been spoiled. Her ability to generate enthusiasm in the classroom, her knowledge of the subject matter, and her teaching ability are phenomenal. Words are inadequate to describe what we learned! - Ron Willard, Charleston, SC




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